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Peter Capusotto y sus 3 Dimensiones


In times of technological progress and infinite entertainment possibilities, Violencia Rivas–an Argentinean singer who was a pioneer of the punk movement during the 60s– claims that the excessive fun is damaging and that it is an essential symptom to the decadence of the human nature. The film is a collection of short stories that show how the relationship between people and the cinema, the radio, the Internet, home videos and other technological practices ruin the interpersonal relationships by turning entertainment in something more important than real life.

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  • 72_el-inventor-de-juegos
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  • 76_peter-capusotto-y-sus-3dimensiones
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  • 80_sudorfrio
  • 82_papa-por-un-dia
  • 84_al-sur-de-la-frontera
  • 86_la_despedida
  • 88_leyenda
  • 90_lasenal

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